Posted By Admin on 02/21/19

So which one is it? Have you spotted it yet?

Here’s a question even more silly than that one: Who likes

Yeah everyone does, at least everyone who’s checked it out so now you also know that if you haven’t yet you are losing out for sure, it is the bee’s knees and then some.

Here’s some fantastic news then: You can watch BFFs videos for less with our discount and by less I mean dirt cheap, cheaper than any of these sweet-ass teen vixens on the site.

How does 41% off the regular price of a 30-day pass sound? It cuts it down all the way to only $14.87. Or you could go for absolute value with a yearly members subscription which we’ve discounted by 68%. That leaves you with a measly $7.98 per month contribution.

Watching droves of hot as hell teen slappers getting stuck into orgy after orgy does not sound like a bad way at all to spend some of my time when I’m in the mood.

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