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Posted By Karlie on 09/25/18

Have you ever had sex outside? During the day? There’s nothing like it. The passion is so much more intense. The erotica of mother nature all around you. The sun beating down on your already sweaty body. Your bodies juices gleaming.

The first time I experienced this was on a hiking trail. We had been hiking for awhile and decided to take a break. It wasn’t long before she let me know what was on her mind. She conveniently spilled her canteen on her shirt forcing her to remove it. Her huge tits were just right there out in the open. She didn’t seem to have any fear of a passerby catching us. She wanted me and she wanted me right then. What’s a man to do?  I pulled my dick out right there and let her suck on it for a bit before I bent her over a rock and gave her the cock. Get in on all the action and get 10 bucks off or more with this NIP Activity discount.

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Posted By Gush on 09/08/18

Carmen is not your regular chick. If you ever hook up with her, you should be prepared for some real kinky shit. Don’t think for a second that you will make her your bitch. In fact, it’ll be the exact opposite of that. She’s got all the toys and all the bondage devices to make dominant men very uncomfortable.

Cock and ball torture, anal “probing,” and fisting are just a few things in her repertory of perverted fetishes. If you’re into extreme femdom and you’d like to check her stuff out, save 75% with this discount to Kinky Carmen and get ready for an intense experience. With this membership you’ll get the whole Fetish Network at no extra cost. That means 51 kinky porn sites for the price of one! 

Dressed up in tight, latex outfits and wielding whips and giant cock-shaped dildos, Carmen will “punish” men and women alike. She has no mercy; I’ve seen her shoving a baseball bat inside a guy’s butthole, and that’s not even the most shocking thing on her website. Do you dare?


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Posted By Admin on 07/25/18

If you’ve never caught a liking, a crush even, had a naughty thought or a full-blown fantasy about someone you spotted at the gym then quite frankly, it’s a dead give-away that you’ve never been in a gym.

But you need not have been in a gym, be a fitness freak or athletic to have a fantasy about fucking someone at the gym.

It’s been some time since I have been and the rush of blood that this genre gives me hasn’t dissipated at all. Honestly, it’s much like the beach for me in that I don’t know how people are not to get turned on when they see people in those outfits.

As a guy, seeing girls with great figures wearing skin tight clothing and stretching in all kinds of inviting positions and working up a little sweat and getting those rosy cheeks sometimes that looks so similar to a sex afterglow – that really turns me on.

For that very reason I took full benefit from the discount access to for 68% off the regular price.

In case you’re interested I also found more discounted porn here.

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Posted By Admin on 05/28/18

It’s funny how girls act so shy about sex, especially in public. But they sure go from “I could never do something like that out here” to dropping on their knees real fast when you wave a stack of bills in their face!

Watch hundreds of horny sluts agree to fuck where they stand on this hot site! There are over three hundred scenes and counting on this site alone, and they claim to be 100% authentic!

You will be able to watch all of the action in full HD, and you can download or stream online at high speeds without limits! Which is exactly how the horny at heart should like to get their porn!

Now you can save 67% with a discount to Public Pickups and get in on a full network pass for no extra charge! That’s every single MOFOs site for the price of one, and full access to every single video they’ve ever made!

You may not be able to get any girl on the street to fuck you in public, but with a site this good you may never want to leave your house again anyway!


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Posted By Admin on 03/06/18

So how exactly do you become successful at local sex sites? I mean, after all, if you visit any of these sites, it’s very easy to conclude that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. What exactly is the big mystery? Don’t they all act the same way? Aren’t they all essentially the same thing?

Well, I really can’t blame you for thinking along these lines because a lot of these websites are created through templates. It’s as if the same web development company is behind all of them. In fact, a lot of them are actually different front-ends of different products produced by a small handful of adult entertainment companies.

It’s easy to think that this is all part of a big conspiracy. It’s easy to walk away with the impression that you’re just basically caught in a giant web of a scam and that this is all just a giant concerted effort at fishing out the hard-earned dollars from your pocket. That may very well be true, but thinking along those lines is still not going to get you pussy.

If you want to really get to the essence or the heart of success at these websites, you have to stop thinking about yourself. You have to start looking at the process from the point of view of the chicks that you’re trying to fuck. In other words, make it about their pleasure. What are they looking for? What kind of experience are they hunting for?

You see, they’re not looking for love. They’re not looking for a knight in shining armor. They’re not looking for Superman to put on a cape and sexually save them. They’re not looking for any of that shit. That’s romance novel bullshit that guys buy into all the time. What they’re looking for is a raw, hard, relentless, unforgiving, nasty, stinky, sweaty, heart-pounding fuck action.

Emphasis on the word “fuck.” I didn’t say lovemaking, I did not say melding souls, I did not say blending souls or blending bodies creating poetry. I didn’t say any of that shit. It’s all about fucking. And if you can get into that mindset and train yourself to have the stamina and, most importantly, pussy-eating skills to make a woman orgasm around your face, around your mouth, around your tongue, every second with every lick, then you’re on to something.

But if you look at this project as you getting laid, then join the club. Take a fucking number and fall in line because that’s what everybody else is looking for. Believe me, the line is fucking long. So do yourself a big favor, stand out from the crowd, stop being a sexual kid, and be a man instead. Deliver the pleasure that she’s looking for.

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Posted By Admin on 01/26/18

If you’ve ever wished you could fuck in public without the risk of causing a huge disruption and being arrested, I’ve got just the deal for you. Here’s where you can get full access to with our discount and watch as sexy Europeans fuck in the back of a big box truck, travelling through public and able to see everything going on in the world around them. The catch is, this is a one-way viewing mechanism that the walls of the box truck are made of, so no one outside can see all the naughty business going on inside.

Occasionally, you will see people that hear a bit of a commotion going on from inside the truck and they will walk up to the side of the truck and try to see what’s going on in there. They can’t, but I’m sure they’re not stupid when hearing the moans of a beautiful babe and the grunts of a dude thrusting deep inside her. Box Truck Sex is probably one of the most original porn sites I’ve come across and it will definitely keep things interesting in your personal porn stash. Check it out!


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Posted By Admin on 12/13/17

If you like amateurs getting nasty for the first time on camera and you like high quality girls and videos, you definitely need to watch girls masturbating in public with an FTV Girls discount. They are, seriously, the best. Girls with lots of beauty are hand-selected and presented to you in amazing quality videos. They’re masturbating their own pussies and even helping other hot girls get off in some first-time lesbian videos too.

Grabbing this deal is going to save you 61% off full price and you’ll score access to 2,100+ videos, many of which are totally fucking hot and sexy shows in public and the great outdoors. You’ll find some onlookers even snapping selfies with some of the girls. There aren’t any bonus sites here but you won’t need any with such great quality and regular updates.

Watch as sexy girls get naughty for the first time on camera with big dildos, fingers, water jets, panties, sports equipment and so much more. Check things out and grab your deal on sexy porn first-timers!

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Posted By Admin on 11/08/17


I love the idea of public sex. I have never quite gotten up the nerve myself to do it in public, but I love living vicariously through those who do. There’s just something in the thrill of knowing you could be caught at any moment, but you’re so goddamned horny that you just can’t wait and have to have it right then there, that is so primal and passionate, there’s nothing sexier in the world.

Well, that is unless you throw trannies in the mix! With these kinky shemales any onlookers would be in for one incredibly sexy surprise as the beautiful babes featured in these videos have nice hard cocks of their own too!

Check out this exclusive discount to Shemales In Public to see sexy chicks with throbbing dicks in quality porn videos. They find themselves in sexy compromising positions in a variety of situations. Whether they be in the back of a taxi or bus, in a bar, a park, or sometimes more secluded spots, the action is always hot and waiting for you!

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Posted By Admin on 10/05/17

Have you ever been walking through the woods and your girlfriend flipped her shirt up to reveal her perky tits to you? How about sitting at the dinner table in a restaurant; you drop something under the table and your girlfriend flashes her panty-less pussy at you by pulling her shorts to the side? These are just a few examples of personal things I’ve experienced and you’ll find a ton of hot shit like that when you get Public GF Videos for up to 50% off with this discount. You’ll be saving $25 off a 30-day pass. Not bad, eh?

What’s even better is you get all the sites in The GF Network. That’s over 30 more hot girlfriend sites! You can find Badass Girlfriends; Dirty Wives Exposed; Interracial GF Videos; Jizz On My GF; My GF Likes It Big; Oral Girlfriends; Squirting GFs, and still so many more. These are some hot amateurs you don’t want to miss out on where boyfriends submitted their videos or they submitted themselves. Only the best were selected to go in this network. Check things out and grab your deal!

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Posted By Admin on 09/03/17

The sexiest quality that a woman can have in my opinion is fearlessness. I love a hot babe who is passionate and not shy or ashamed of it. Whether it be that she isn’t afraid to take what she wants when she wants it, no matter where she might be, or if she is willing to leave all of her inhibitions at the door and freely become the insatiable slut she knows she is.

With this Cougar Season discount you will get access to some absolutely gorgeous women who are everything I have mentioned and more. These sultry sluts have experience on their side, and they aren’t afraid to take their pleasure into their own hands and fuck and suck exactly how they like to. And all the while, we get to benefit by bearing witness to all of their sexy shenanigans.

Not only that but you actually get some pretty great bonus sites with this deal as well. You’ll enjoy 2 girls 1 camera, Big Gulp Girls, Deep Throat Sirens, Facials Forever, Pounded Petite, She’s Brand New, and Top Web Models. Each site has plenty of hot content that won’t let you down!

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