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Posted By Admin on 11/19/19

Sexual health is essential for women. Notably, women are the most affected by most sexually transmitted diseases because of their vulnerability to such infection. Sexual health concerns in women may cover many areas from the effect of sex in their relationships, reproductive health, and social life. Ideally, sexual health determines women’s ability to make the right decisions to have children or engage in sex.

In this easy, we look at some sexual health concerns that women may have. Note that most sexual health issues may stop women from using sex toys such as male sex dolls to enhance their sex drive. Read through to find out more about women’s sexual health.

Common reproductive and social sexual health issues in women

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is a common sexual health issue in women. Women experiencing sexual dysfunction have reduced sexual drive or libido. Physical and psychological problems cause sexual dysfunction in women. It can result from the side effects of liver failure, kidney disease, and diabetes. Hormonal imbalance and menopause can also cause sexual dysfunction in women. Effects of past sexual trauma, anxiety, work-related stress and drug abuse are some psychological factors that contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a condition that starts in the woman’s fallopian tube, while cervical cancer develops in the uterus. Women with ovarian and cervical cancer experience a lot of pain when having sexual intercourse. Ovarian and cervical cancer can stop a woman from having sex until the condition is treated.

Sexual Violence (SV)

Women and children are the most vulnerable group to sexual harassment and violence. Women face the risk of rape or forced sexual intercourse. Sexual abuse occurs when a woman is forced to have sex without giving consent. Women are in danger of sexual violence from those they know, like neighbors, family members, or coworkers. SV happens in most marriages, but victims of such abuse do not report to the concerned authorities.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

IPV is a common sexual health issue in women. Ideally, millions of Americans face psychological, sexual, or physical harm from their partners or spouses. For instance, if your partner buys a black sex doll and uses it at your back, it can lead to psychological harm. Note that IPV may not involve sexual intimacy to harm the victim. In most cases, it is a mental or sexual health concern.


Midlife and menopause is a primary sexual health concern in women. Most women begin their midlife in their mid-thirties and early forties. Menopause comes with many health challenges that may lower a woman’s sexual drive. Since it is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance, most women resort to hormonal supplements to reduce menopause effects and continue enjoying sex.


Sexual health is a significant concern for all women that we must address with the urgency it requires. Ultimately, for a woman to enjoy sex, she must be in the best physical and psychological state. Most sexual health issues stop women from having healthy relationships with their partners. This could be the reason why most men in America go for to satisfy their sexual needs.

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